Debruine Ashby
Why us
      DEBRUINE ASBHY provides you high quality training solutions which are:

RELEVANT Training developed with and for you, your teams and your organization.
RELIABLE We know how to help you realise your personal potential.
FOCUSED Our courses aren’t off the shelf; neither are we.
POSITIVE We believe that training should be constructive, highly interactive and fun.
MEMORABLE We give you memorable techniques and methods that you can immediately put into practice at work.
PROVEN Thousands of satisfied participants worldwide affirm solid improvement.
FLEXIBLE We give you a toolkit of techniques, the skills to use the tools, and the skills to pick the appropriate tool to suit the particular occasion.
MEASURABLE We maximize performance to bring real business benefits.
ONGOING We provide you a foundation for long-term, sustainable development.

When it comes to business, the world is becoming a smaller place. Companies are expanding their operations overseas, and as soon as they do, they call on DEBRUINE ASHBY to provide them with a training solution that delivers.

In different continents and different languages - we bring you consistent, international solutions, with a local touch.

Your needs
You are expected to get results.
You need to be able to positively influence others in internal meetings or external meetings with clients and suppliers.
You present proposals, figures and results.
You negotiate conditions.
You are involved in decision making processes where your ideas, if accepted, will make a difference.
You will lead and inspire your co-workers.
You should be able to handle conflicts.
You are expected to be confident, articulate and professional in all these situations.

Where we come in

We can help you to negotiate professionally, make convincing presentations, make proposals that will be accepted, behave appropriately in international contexts, lead groups through different phases, adapt your leadership skills to every context, handle conflicts and difficult discussions, develop and implement solutions that work.


Main Office: Calle Manzanilla, 12 28023 Madrid Spain Phone: +34 913 079 196
Sweden Office: Ekbacksvägen, 22 S – 168 69 Bromma Sweden Phone: +46 8 26 21 20
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