Debruine Ashby
Our approach
We allow you to increase your productivity, teamwork and performance with our state of the art training.
A DEBRUINE ASHBY training course is about skills development.
It is about what happens at work and how participants can achieve better outcomes.
DEBRUINE ASHBY methodology is practical and experiential. We believe in ‘learning by doing’. We allow you to demonstrate your existing ability and then coach you by reinforcing good behaviours and eliminating unproductive behaviours.

DEBRUINE ASHBY’S dual expertise lies at the heart of our behaviour change projects:

The DEBRUINE ASHBY approach to training solutions moves through four main stages.

Although the four stages look simple, each step in the process contains elements and methodologies that we have developed over our 20 years experience in behaviour change projects.

1.- Analysis & Diagnosis
We spend time getting to understand your business so that specific, relevant advice and feedback can be given to participants. We work with all stakeholders prior to a program to diagnose skills gaps and individualize training.
2.-  Design & Development
We give you a toolkit of techniques, the skills to use the tools, and the skills to pick the appropriate tool to suit each particular occasion.
3.-  Delivery & Implementation
We facilitate your learning with the most effective methods for acquisition of practical skills.
4.- Follow-up & Evaluation
We work with stakeholders after the program to ensure transfer of skills to the workplace and long-term skills retention. We ensure that training is integrated into your management processes.

Our approach works. It’s proved effective in all business sectors, and is also flexible enough to integrate into existing business processes.

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Sweden Office: Ekbacksvägen, 22 S – 168 69 Bromma Sweden Phone: +46 8 26 21 20
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